Board of Trustees

Ballot Results for Church Year 2016-17

Total ballots received for the Board, Nominating Committee, Budget and Foundation Stewards:  448

Board of Trustees Candidates:

Alan Comnes 432

Matt Swafford 434

John Thompson 428

Leila Wrathall 429

Evie Zaic 433

Nominating Committee Candidates:

Linda Craig 432

Linda Hunter 438

Bethany Small 432

Operating Fund Budget

Yes:   425 No:   19

Foundation Board of Stewards:

Harriet Denison 433

Ed McClaran 428


First Unitarian Five Year Goals

At the Board meeting on May 6, the Board adopted five year goals for the church. 

From 2016-2021, First Unitarian Church of Portland will: 

• Focus on collaborative governance, revising policies for clarity and brevity and creating linkages between the Congregation, the Board, and the Executive Team. 
• Increase church funding through enhanced giving, including goal to reduce or retire the Buchan Building mortgage. 
• Make a cultural transition from program-focused church to mission-driven church, with priority to building beloved community between generations. 
• Develop a long-term plan for development and sustainability of church campus given changing dynamics of West End and downtown Portland.

First Unitarian Vision

Over the last two years we have been working on the visioning process for the future of First Church.  Thanks to all who participated in our visioning project. This vision was adopted by the Board in August, 2015.

First Unitarian Church is a beacon of hope for us and our community, a Spiritual center in the heart of the city that helps each of us to find our moral compass, calling and challenging us to build the beloved community with an ever deepening sense of spirit, diversity and inclusion.

Board Goals for 2015-16:

  • In order to make policy-based governance more accessible, the Board will continue working on a document describing and delineating norms, roles, and processes.
  • The Policy Evaluation Committee and the Board will perform a comprehensive review of policies and by-laws, and make recommendations for policy revision.
  • The Finance Committee and Board will present a meaningful budget, which allows congregants to understand the programmatic results of their giving and cultivate a culture of deeper generosity.
  • The Board will use the vision statement to develop five year goals.
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2015/2016 Board members with Terms*:

Ameena Amdahl-Mason, Moderator; 2nd term, 1st year
Randy Russell, 1st Vice Moderator; 1st term, 2nd year
Maryann Roulier, 2nd Vice Moderator; 2nd term, 1st year
Kathy Ludlow, Secretary; 1st term, 2nd year
Michael Cunningham, Treasurer; 1st term, 3rd year
John Hutzler; 1st term, 3rd year
Laura Milne; 2nd term, 1st year
Andy Parker; 1st term, 2nd year
Alan Comnes; 1st term, 2nd year
John Thompson; 1st term, 3rd year
Evie Zaic; 1st term, 3rd year
Darin Stewart; 1st term, 1st year
Rev. Bill Sinkford (ex officio)
Rev. Tom Disrud (ex officio)

(Terms are for 3 years, and run from June 1 through May 31 each year)

*from First Unitarian Church of Portland Bylaws-- Article IV, Section 3: A trustee may be reelected without limitation on the number of terms the trustee may serve, but shall not serve more than two full consecutive three year terms on the Board of Trustees.