Board of Trustees

Board of Trustees

First Unitarian Vision

Over the last two years we have been working on the visioning process for the future of First Church.  Thanks to all who participated in our visioning project.  This vision was adopted by the Board in August, 2015.


First Unitarian Church is a beacon of hope for us and our community, a Spiritual center in the heart of the city that helps each of us to find our moral compass, calling and challenging us to build the beloved community with an ever deepening sense of spirit, diversity and inclusion.

Board Goals for church year 2015-16:


  • In order to make policy-based governance more accessible, the Board will continue working on a document describing and delineating norms, roles, and processes.
  • The Policy Evaluation Committee and the Board will perform a comprehensive review of policies and by-laws, and make recommendations for policy revision.
  • The Finance Committee and Board will present a meaningful budget, which allows congregants to understand the programmatic results of their giving and cultivate a culture of deeper generosity.
  • The Board will use the vision statement to develop five year goals.

The Mission of First Unitarian Church:
"Given our long and distinguished history in Portland, we covenant:
to create a welcoming community of diverse individuals; to promote love, reason and freedom in religion; to foster lifelong spiritual growth; and to act for social justice."

To realize this mission, First Unitarian Church:
• Is a welcoming and loving community that provides a safe haven where a diverse people
of various ages and cultures may gather to build nurturing relationships.
• Offers lifespan religious education consistent with Unitarian Universalist values, and
provides a forum for exploring diverse points of view.
• Provides worship that is inspiring and affirming, as well as a variety of experiences that
invite congregants to deepen their spiritual lives.
• Uses transparent democratic processes that maintain shared governance and ensure that
all voices are heard and respected, and that clearly define the roles and responsibilities of
congregants, the Board, staff, and ministers.
• Cultivates and nurtures leaders who serve and inspire the church community.
• Is a sustainable church community in which congregants, Board, staff and ministers share
stewardship of both our tangible and our human resources.
• Takes a leadership role in the larger Unitarian Universalist movement, maintaining
connections with other Unitarian Universalist congregations and institutions as well as
the local interfaith community.
• Witnesses as a voice of conscience in our community and beyond, collaborating with
other justice-seeking institutions, encouraging congregants to join others in building a
more equitable, sustainable, and peaceful future for all.

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2015/2016 Board Members with Terms*:
     (Terms are for 3 years, and run from June 1 through May 31 each year)

Ameena Amdahl-Mason, Moderator
; 2nd term, 1st year
Randy Russell, 1st Vice Moderator; 1st term, 2nd year
Maryann Roulier, 2nd Vice Moderator; 2nd term, 1st year
Kathy Ludlow, Secretary; 1st term, 2nd year
Michael Cunningham, Treasurer; 1st term, 3rd year
John Hutzler; 1st term, 3rd year
Laura Milne; 2nd term, 1st year
Andy Parker; 1st term, 2nd year
Alan Comnes; 1st term, 2nd year
John Thompson; 1st term, 3rd year
Evie Zaic; 1st term, 3rd year
Darin Stewart; 1st term, 1st year
Rev. Bill Sinkford (ex officio)
Rev. Tom Disrud (ex officio)

*from First Unitarian Church of Portland Bylaws-- Article IV, Section 3: A trustee may be reelected without limitation on the number of terms the trustee may serve, but shall not serve more than two full consecutive three year terms on the Board of Trustees.

Get to know your Board Members!
Each board member has answered some fun questions to help you understand our path in life.  

Annual Vote Results

Click above to see the results of this year's voting for the Church Board, Nominating Committee and Foundation Board and the church's annual budget.



Contents of this page:
What is the Board? How you become a Board member
When do we meet? What is Policy-Based Governance?   
Moderator's Column Our Mission
Board Packet, with Agendas and Minutes Five Year Church Goals
Board Committees Board Goals
Annual Meeting/Annual Report

Board Committees:
The Board conducts most of its work through committees. 
Here are the current Standing and Ad-hoc Committees: 

Standing Committees:

Board Officers Committee, which shall include the Moderator, Vice-Moderators, Secretary and Treasurer. The Senior and Associate Ministers shall serve ex officio as non-voting members. When the Board of Trustees is not in session, the Board Officers Committee shall have all powers of the Board. Four of the five voting members of the Board Officers Committee constitute a quorum. This committee may also have additional duties as defined in the Board Policies.

Policy Evaluation:
The Policy Evaluation Committee (PEC) is tasked with annually evaluating the ministry of the church as required in Article III, Sec. 5 of the church bylaws. The PEC reviews the  Executive Team's (ET) administrative performance, because in our policy governance model the ET is responsible for running the church. The PEC also evaluates the Board's own policies and adherence to those policies, recommending changes when needed. To do this the Board reviews written documents, surveys if available, and statistical data. The PEC reports its findings and recommendations to the Board at the end of the church year, usually in May or June, and this report is posted on the church website with Board minutes. There are usually 3 or 4 members, with the Board Moderator and the Sr.Minister and Assistant Sr. Minister invited to participate as ex officio members.
For more information, access the Policy Evaluation Committee documents here.

Finance: The primary responsibility is to monitor the church’s adherence to the financial governing policies established by the Board of Trustees. In addition, the Finance Committee has responsibility for presenting a balanced budget to the Board of Trustees based on the recommended budget prepared by the Executive Team. Finally, it has responsibility for appointing an outside auditor and reviewing the annual financial audit. The Committee meets monthly, or more frequently as needed.
For more information, access the Finance Committee documents here.

Responsible for establishing methods to both communicate Board information to the congregation and facilitate the collection of responses on specific topics back to the Board.  Previous communication forums have included café conversations, facilitated focus group discussions, surveys, ‘meet the board’ sessions, and blog postings with comments.
For more information, access the Communications Committee documents here.

Ad-hoc Committee (work concluded in June 2013):
Leadership Development: Helping to put in place strategies and approaches that will:
• Identify potential leaders through heightened awareness of congregants’ skills, experience and talents
• Actively call individual congregants to diverse leadership roles
• Develop, engage and nurture church leaders in intentional ways
• Supply potential and current leaders with knowledge and tools to enhance their effectiveness
The committee’s membership includes: the associate minister, minister of social justice, board members, a consultant, nomination committee members, and a representative of the religious education, adult programs and membership committees.
For more information, access the Leadership Development documents here.

Responsibility for Leadership Development was transferred to the church's Executive Team and Staff beginning with the 2013-2014 church year.

Five Year Church Goals:
Our five year church goals are to initiate and support a process to address these major focus areas:
Spiritual growth
Intergenerational congregation
Any issues related to growth
Public witness
Increase in Stewardship
Increase communication to provide a foundation for this process.

Annual Meeting and Annual Report 

Click here for
Annual Meeting Documents and the Annual Report

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