Our Vision:

First Unitarian Church is a beacon of hope for us and for our community, a spiritual center in the heart of our city that helps each of us to find our moral compass, calling and challenging us to build the beloved community with an ever deepening sense of spirit, diversity and inclusion.

(adopted by the Board August 2015)


Five Year Goals for First Unitarian

At the Board meeting on May 5, 2016, the Board adopted five year goals for the church.  From 2016-2021, First Unitarian Church of Portland will:

• Focus on collaborative governance, revising policies for clarity and brevity and creating linkages between the Congregation, the Board, and the Executive Team.
• Increase church funding through enhanced giving, including goal to reduce or retire the Buchan Building mortgage.
• Make a cultural transition from program-focused church to mission-driven church, with priority to building beloved community between generations.
• Develop a long-term plan for development and sustainability of church campus given changing dynamics of West End and downtown Portland.

(adopted by the Board May 2016)


Annual Goals for 2017-2018

The of Board First Unitarian Church commits to:

  • Complete policy revisions and get them approved for publication by the board.
  • Hold three congregant discussion forums on topics including, in part, progress on our five-year goals and revising our board policies.
  • Grow the financial health of First Unitarian through support of the Annual Fund Drive and efforts to reduce or eliminate the Buchan debt.
  • Work on issues of Power, Privilege and White Supremacy Culture by:
    • Educating ourselves on the issues.
    • Examining the ways in which Power, Privilege and White Supremacy Culture affect our Church, including our Board work.
    • Taking steps to improve our practices.
    • Making a commitment to carry this work forward into subsequent church years.

(adopted by the Board January 2018)