Monthly Archives: October 2017

November: Congregant Show

Every other year we invite members of our congregation to show one piece of their artwork in an unjuried show. A wide range of styles and surprising content emerges to reflect the diversity of our fellowship.

To Thine Own Self

My sermon last Sunday seemed to resonate with many. I want to thank those who wrote to me in response. Let me affirm that holding our hearts open through these divisive days is no small feat. It is a real spiritual discipline, for me and for many of you it seems, to remain true to … Continued

October Moderator’s Letter

Greetings Fellow Congregants, The theme for our Annual Fund Drive (AFD) is  I can, We must!  Short and direct, for sure.  Let’s consider the elements of our AFD theme in reverse order: We must:  Reverend Bill Sinkford did not mince words in his AFD letter mailed to all of you or in his sermon last … Continued

Surprised by Sudden Beauty

This morning, when I opened my newsfeed and read down through the tragedies of the day, I discovered a collection of images of Dewali, the Hindu festival of lights which begins today. I found myself stopped and scrolling through all the many images of the Dewali lights and remembering that the seasons are turning once … Continued

Requiem Vespers

CLICK HERE to add names. At this service, we will remember those in and around our community who have died in the past year with the music of Daniel Pinkham’s The Small Requiem, presented by the Chamber Choir of First Unitarian Church of Portland with mezzo soprano, Amanda DuPriest, and organist, Joe O’Donnell, interspersed with moments of … Continued

Where Are You From?

Every plane leaving Puerto Rico is full and 80% of them land in Florida. The “natural disaster” of Hurricane Maria has been followed by the human-made disaster of failed emergency support. The response of many on the island has been to leave. Florida with a population of over 1,000,000 citizens of Puerto Rican descent, already, … Continued

Partial Knowledge and Uncertain Results

The tragic slaughter of human life in Las Vegas calls up in me a demand for a positive and final solution to gun violence and our national love affair with firearms. I want such violence never again to take place. I want our elected leaders to give back every dime they have received from the National Rifle … Continued