Monthly Archives: October 2017

November: Congregant Show

Every other year we invite members of our congregation to show one piece of their artwork in an unjuried show. A wide range of styles and surprising content emerges to reflect the diversity of our fellowship.

To Thine Own Self

My sermon last Sunday seemed to resonate with many. I want to thank those who wrote to me in response. Let me affirm that holding our hearts open through these divisive days is no small feat. It is a real spiritual discipline, for me and … read more.

October Moderator’s Letter

Greetings Fellow Congregants,

The theme for our Annual Fund Drive (AFD) is  I can, We must!  Short and direct, for sure.  Let’s consider the elements of our AFD theme in reverse order:

We must:  Reverend Bill Sinkford did not mince words in his AFD letter mailed to … read more.

Surprised by Sudden Beauty

This morning, when I opened my newsfeed and read down through the tragedies of the day, I discovered a collection of images of Dewali, the Hindu festival of lights which begins today. I found myself stopped and scrolling through all the many images of the … read more.

Where Are You From?

Every plane leaving Puerto Rico is full and 80% of them land in Florida. The “natural disaster” of Hurricane Maria has been followed by the human-made disaster of failed emergency support. The response of many on the island has been to leave.

Florida with a population … read more.

Partial Knowledge and Uncertain Results

The tragic slaughter of human life in Las Vegas calls up in me a demand for a positive and final solution to gun violence and our national love affair with firearms. I want such violence never again to take place. I want our elected leaders to give … read more.