Piece of My Heart

So much of the work we do together as a community of faith is heart work. As summer approaches, we prepare for the usual comings and goings. We will hold together some of the ways that we honor one another with our departing and our returning.

The Shadow Knows

Psychologists say that there is rich opportunity for growth in the things that we deny and ignore–our shadow. What would it be like if we as a country were to embrace this opportunity? Mary Gear is a candidate for UU ministry and a former First Church intern minister.

Community Rules

Some of the oldest written texts available to humankind are texts about community life. But rules we read in texts of any age cannot fully describe the bonds of community. We will look together at the ways that a life of meaning is so often a life that is shared in community.

The Bold Adventurers

As we await the fireworks and fanfare, we will look together at our nation’s celebration of independence and grand experiment of democracy. What do we as Unitarian Universalists understand about democracy in our own lives? And what could we share with the world about what we have found here?

Take a Load Off

  An essential part of any adventure is preparation. What is essential to us on our journeys? What can we leave behind? We’ll look together at how what we carry and what we drop can make all the difference when we have a long way to travel.

Where We Fear to Tread

Around campfires and throughout movie theaters everywhere, many of us experience stories and tales that scare us. But the unknown and the unforeseeable are part of any good adventure. Why do we like to be scared sometimes? And what does this tell us about who we are?

All Who Wander

  Novelist Haruki Murakami tells us, “Whatever it is you’re seeking won’t come in the form you’re expecting.” For many of us, the choices we make in life depend a great deal on things we are seeking. We will ask ourselves together about those things we are seeking most in our lives and what their … Continued

Straight on ‘Til Morning

  The Rolling Stones tell us, “You can’t always get what you want, but if you try sometimes, you get what you need.” So many journeys we take begin with what we want to get out of the journey. But we never account for the surprises along the way. We will consider the surprises we … Continued