Keeping Sabbath in a 24/7 World


In the creation story on the seventh day there was a Sabbath, a chance to take stock of all that was good. What does Sabbath mean in our 24/7 world? Is taking a day an antiquated notion?


Speaking of Race


Traditional liberal religious wisdom has left us far from the Beloved Community. Dr. Robin DiAngelo, the major presenter at Seminary for a Day, will join Rev. Sinkford for a dialogue focused on what we need to learn and what we need to look at in … read more.

To Hold With Care

Prayer is many things and takes many forms. From the ecstatic circling dances of Sufi dervishes to the still sitting of some Buddhist traditions, the practice of “prayer” varies greatly. Even the western traditions of spoken prayer and silent meditation seem to resist standardization. This variety suits the … read more.

Answering the Call of Love

We welcome the presence of love in our lives and work to help love move in our world. Our theology is not to wait for love and justice, complaining of their absence, but to seek them and nurture love where we find it. We pray … read more.

We Hope; We Pray; We Make It So

Often when a tragedy occurs, we hear people in power, politicians and faith leaders alike, offer thoughts and prayers.  What effect do these offerings produce?  What is the measure of the effectiveness of prayer?  How is our beseeching made manifest through action?