Each month we center our worship and reflection on one important spiritual theme or idea. The themes range from “Joy” to “Death” and from “Justice” to “Salvation.” Our Learning Community, Adult Education Program, and Social Justice leaders often reference the themes as they apply to their ministries.

After three years, we return to the original themes and begin the cycle again. Every time we return offers an opportunity for us to go deeper with each theme, to remember what we learned (if you were attending First Unitarian during previous cycles) and, more importantly, to search for what these spiritual ideas mean in our lives today.

Spiritual Themes 2016-2017

Forgiveness | Sept. 2016

Community | Oct. 2016

Gratitude | Nov. 2016

Hope | Dec. 2016

Justice | Jan. 2017

Joy | Feb. 2017

Devotion | Mar. 2017

Ressurection | Apr. 2017

Peace | May 2017