A Friend Indeed

Hearing our beautiful choir today reminds me a little of my childhood. I will carry your heart with me…. Specifically, what it reminds me of was how badly I wanted to be someone’s BE FRI. Sure, I would have settled for being someone’s ST END. But really what I wanted was to be someone’s BE … Continued

In the Need of Prayer

  PODCAST AUDIO: “Its me, its me, its me, Oh, Lord, standin’ in the need of prayer.” Prayer is one of “those” words. Powerful for many. Problematic for just as many more. Who are we praying to? What do we expect to happen? Can’t we just call it meditation? What do we mean by prayer? … Continued

Practice, Practice, Practice

  Responsive Reading: Whose Are We by Victoria Safford Who carries you in their heart, thinks of you, whether you think of them or not? Whose are you? Who are your people, the ones who make a force field you can almost touch? Whose are you? Who is within your circle of concern? Whose are … Continued