Barriers to Love

Have you picked blackberries? Those sweet late summer fruits “hidden beneath leaves barbed like critics.” Sweetness that is guarded and protected. “Peril and abundance” whispered like a prayer through purple lips… If you want the ripest fruit, you must reach in, despite those barbs. You must relinquish safety. Don’t let your fear get in the … Continued

Whoever You Are (Homecoming)

  Come, come whoever you are. There is no more Universalist message. And no more Unitarian Universalist statement of aspiration. Whoever you are, whatever identities you claim…come. Bring your imperfections and your failures. Bring your strengths and your dreams for a better world. Ours is no caravan of despair. Come. Whoever you are. We liberal … Continued

Questions and Answers

  Do you have a question you have been wanting to ask? About Unitarian Universalism? About First Unitarian? About theology or our faith? Rev. Sinkford will respond to questions submitted by the congregation. Look for information about how to submit a question in advance or bring your question with you that morning.