T.J. FitzGerald

Surprised By Joy

  Yesterday in Fuller Hall, we were doing some training in non-violence here at the church. And as I was watching that space change hour-by-hour from a place of instruction, to a place where everyone was eating, then back to place of instruction, I was reminded of a day in the second grade in our … Continued

Conscious Objector

This week, I have come to believe that owning the right shoes is important. In watching neighbors and friends who lack the ideal footwear slipping and sliding and sloshing around these roads and sidewalks, I appreciated the fine, Oregon-based footwear I own. But nothing lasts forever. Shoes wear down. But when you get that good … Continued

Parts of Speech

In this time of getting to know all of you and of letting all of you get to know me, I have started to hear some murmurings here and there—not rumors, so much—just bits and pieces of stories. And who doesn’t love a good story, right? I mean, I’m the new person so people are … Continued

Rarefied Err

I’d like to say again what a wonderful experience it has been to be welcomed here. I’ve been getting to know many of you, and I look forward to getting to know even more of you soon. So maybe it’s fitting, in this month of forgiving, that I begin by asking for your forgiveness. See, … Continued