T.J. FitzGerald - Intern Minister

Piece of My Heart

    Peace be with you. That’s OK. You can say it. Old habits die hard, right? For those of us here raised in the Roman Catholic tradition, as well as some other traditions, we have a fine-tuned response to the words “Peace be with you.” We say in response, “And also with you,” or … Continued

Easter Sunday Services

  Happy Easter! Halleluiah!   This is one of those rare times when even we liberal religious folks, even the most skeptical of us, can get to “halleluiah.” At least we are willing to sing it. We will sing things many of us would never say…at least out loud. Just to remind you. Halleluiah means … Continued

A Friend Indeed

  Hearing our beautiful choir today reminds me a little of my childhood. I will carry your heart with me…. Specifically, what it reminds me of was how badly I wanted to be someone’s BE FRI. Sure, I would have settled for being someone’s ST END. But really what I wanted was to be someone’s … Continued

Peace Breaks Out

We all know the story, the old, old, deep story. A child, unknown, unplanned for, is delivered into the lives and the arms of the least suspecting parents. The child’s new parents travel great distances, to lands far, far, away, to settle with the child and to make a new home. They must flee their … Continued