Rev. Bill Sinkford

The America That Is Being Born

  “Well, it’s a pretty good country,” said the child in our Together Time story. “Its a pretty good country.” And so she decided to wear turquoise, pink and beige as her patriotic colors, instead of red, white and blue. It was a thoughtful and a tentative kind of allegiance she could pledge to this … Continued

In the Need of Prayer

  “Its me, its me, its me, Oh, Lord, standin’ in the need of prayer.” Prayer is one of “those” words. Powerful for many. Problematic for just as many more. Who are we praying to? What do we expect to happen? Can’t we just call it meditation? What do we mean by prayer? We well-educated, … Continued

Practice, Practice, Practice

  Responsive Reading: Whose Are We by Victoria Safford Who carries you in their heart, thinks of you, whether you think of them or not? Whose are you? Who are your people, the ones who make a force field you can almost touch? Whose are you? Who is within your circle of concern? Whose are … Continued

Returning to Laughter

  Thank you choir. Sunshine. You should know that that piece was originally planned for the Sunday following the election. We changed it for reasons that are probably obvious. Are we ready for sunshine yet? Are we even seeing any sunshine on the horizon? It was 19th century Unitarian minister, Theodore Parker who said that … Continued

The New Day

As we enter the New Year, what on-going spiritual work are we called to address? How will both the movement and the stuckness in our world inform and shape our priorities in our work for justice?

CHRISTMAS EVE: Always Being Born

The miracle of new birth is persistent. Sources of hope are born each day. Our liberal faith asks us to recognize and celebrate that truth. The candles we light push back not only the dark but also despair. We live into the miracle of hope as we hold silence and as we sing on this … Continued

Going My Way

  “How can we be grateful enough?” Asks the text of that beautiful anthem. How can our minds and bodies be grateful enough? Oh, we have managed to survive storms and we have escaped the wolves along the way, to quote again from the anthem. Our strength, our hard work and even our cunning have … Continued

Winners and Losers

    As part of my own preparation for this Sunday, I read all of the things that you all wrote about First Unitarian on those “steeples” that are decorating this sanctuary. So many spoke to me. “We are such an important beacon of tolerance and pluralism.” “It gives a space for my family and … Continued

Now More Than Ever

  A few years ago, the New Yorker magazine reprinted a notice they found from a small newpaper in Virginia. “IMPORTANT NOTICE,” it read in bold, capital letters. “If you are one of the hundreds of parachuting enthusiasts who bought our Easy Sky Diving book, please make the following correction. On page 8, line 7, … Continued

The Better Angles of our Nature

  To begin, a story:   A man was climbing a mountain on a foggy day, and no doubt because of the poor visibility, he strayed off the path, slipped, and started sliding and rolling toward the edge of a cliff. As he fell over, with an enormous effort, he caught on to the branch … Continued