Meet Matt Kertman of PHFS

Portland Homeless Family Solutions (PHFS)

Matt PHFSMatt Kertman is the new Volunteer and Donations Coordinator for Portland Homeless Family Solutions (, the nonprofit organization that runs our Thirteen Salmon Family Shelter as well as the Goose Hollow Shelter.

Matt is a young man who has had some interesting jobs before he reached Portland, giving him great credentials for this position. He graduated from Wesleyan College, a small liberal arts school in Connecticut, with a film degree. After a thankfully short stint at MTV in New York City, Matt landed a spot in public affairs television as an unpaid research intern. Within a short time he took a position as a paid production assistant for Bill Moyer’s Journal. Within the next three and a half years he was mentored by Moyers as he jumped up the ladder several notches to be their production coordinator. Matt says Moyers was “Exactly as you see him on TV; down to earth, warm, engaging and always asking for the opinion of the younger members of the crew.”

Eventually, Matt decided to fulfill a dream of joining the Peace Corps. He spent 2010–2012 in South Africa, and became an “Education in Community Developer,” teaching English, math and science to youth. He was most proud of his work with a Life and Skills program that he helped develop. Among other pertinent topics, he found guest speakers to talk about safe sex and a policeman to discuss the dangers of drug use— all issues important to middle school boys.

After the Peace Corps, Matt didn’t want to return to a big U.S. city. Instead, he looked for one that had “large town” culture and “small town” community; Portland was perfect. Matt is enjoying every minute of Portland Homeless Family Solutions and says what he likes best is meeting the volunteers and the families in our shelter. If you would like to welcome Matt —or step up to volunteer—his phone is 503-915-8307, or email him at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .