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Welcome to the Learning Community!

Our school year has begun!
We welcomed our children and youth into the Learning Community with a teacher dedication that resulted in a rousing applause and standing ovation. We appreciate all the folks who work with our kids every Sunday.

Parents often ask how they can help. One of the most respectful things you can do is arrive on time. This allows for your children, especially the smaller ones, to get settled into the group before any activities begin. We want our children and youth to feel comfortable! This also gives you a few minutes to check in with the teachers if necessary. Did you have a tough time getting ready? Did something happen during the week that would be helpful to know? We are here to "witness the lives of our children." 

Another way to help is to sign up for snack. We use snack as a community building time. There are often conversations that happen easier while munching together. Our classes have anywhere from 14-20 kids. With 30 Sundays you can do the math. Please sign up more then once! If you have several kids coordinate the dates so you bring in snack for everyone!
     When you bring in snack consider asking the teachers if they need help, especially the younger classes. Preschool and Kindergarten often need an extra hand, especially when they are doing large projects. This is another great way to feel connected as a family and to hear more about what they are doing in class.

There will be more opportunities to help throughout the year.
We communicate through email, so if your address changes please be sure to let us know!


Learning Community Begins Sept. 9

Homecoming Sunday: The Learning Community begins

Classes for our children and youth begin on Sunday, Sept. 9, at 9:15 and 11:15 a.m. Pre-registration is appreciated (download Registration Forms here). There will also be tables set up in the Buchan atrium area. Here are a few suggestions to help Sunday go easier for your family:

  • If you have not registered, arrive early and do so before service starts. Registration tables can get congested.
  • If you have registered and you are new this year, arrive early to familiarize yourself and your kids with the classes.
  • Remember that young ones in our Nursery, Childcare (Junior Pre) and Preschool (Senior Pre) go directly to classes. They do not attend Together Time in the Sanctuary.
  • Kindergarten and older will attend Together Time in the Sanctuary. Following Together Time, all children and youth will go directly to their classrooms.
  • Homecoming Sunday is joyful as we greet one another anew following our wonderful Portland summer. It can also be a bit confusing. If you have any questions on Sunday, you can check in with religious education staff and volunteers at the Eliot Information Desk or in the Buchan atrium. Thank you!


Register for 2012-13 Learning Community!

Please print out the REGISTRATION FORM  and return it through post, fax or deliver it in person on Sunday.

New families are welcome and encouraged to visit 3 times before a decision is made to registered and become involved in our Learning Community.

Take a close look at the registration form. There are choices for our 8th/9th graders this year. More detailed information can be found under Youth Programming.



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