Music and Arts Program


Mission: In fellowship, the Music and Arts Committee nurtures artistic excellence and spiritual growth, rooted within UU values, for all who wish to blossom through artistic expression.  May all hands, all voices, all ages flourish.

Please see the following pages for more information:
• Music for Adults
• Music for Children
• Music Staff
• The Art Wall: How To Exhibit Your Work
• The Art Wall Blog: Featuring this month's exhibit.

The music program at Portland’s First Unitarian Church is the largest music program in the denomination with some 300 volunteer musicians of all ages participating. It is steeped in excellence.  We consider the presentation of our music to the congregation not as performance, but as gift-giving, a gift of the spirit that flows through us and our music and is shared with the congregation as we all worship together. Consequently the program is cherished by all. The sense of community is strong in each of the ensembles listed below and it is built intentionally through ritual, individual call to ministry, working together and celebration.

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