May: Tupper Malone

A third generation Oregonian, I am always drawn to the nature in our state and have depicted animals and flowers from the outset.  Having the inspiration of my surroundings has always been an important facet of my work.  Initially, I received a degree in sculpture but after 25 years as a sculptor, I turned to watercolor in 2000.  During my study of watercolor, several styles of painting have evolved that satisfy and are fulfilling.

With each series, my work moves in and out of the realm of my experience and thought.  I am drawn to bright colors but, at times, I may paint in more somber colors to convey a deeper space from which the work is drawn.  Color, shape and relationships all play a part in bringing a painting to completion and a new experience to the viewer.

As the work has progressed, subjects are offset by an abstracted, somewhat geometric background and give the viewer the opportunity to find their own personal meaning in the work.

In this exhibit, such diverse subjects as star mapping and seagulls will be displayed going from the abstracted sky to everyday gulls.