March: Hos Semerjian

Being raised in rural Oregon to the noble drudgery of farming one must find useful creative outlets. Having minimal entertainment, such as no television or internet, the mind becomes forced to look at the world around you as more than appears. Favorite pastimes included: Looking at the architecture of veins on leaves, studying the arrangements of a single feather, or following the small distinctively beaten paths of ants. Upon these observations I concluded that the world was much bigger and fascinating than it appears. As such, my drawings have taken the form of decaying worlds that are filled with the intricate details of wonderfully neglected¬† places with busy people who don’t entirely notice the constant beauty surrounding them. I use ink and graphite to retain a black, white, and grey color palette. Refraining from other colors (with the exception of dried plants) is to maintain clarity. My desire is to use this clarity to entice viewers to physically get closer to the drawings and reach a proximity that would mimic what I see.