Our Philosophy

We value children and youth at First Unitarian Church and we work to weave them into the fabric of life here, whether it is during Together Time lighting our Chalice in the Sanctuary or joining adults in celebrations and holidays.

In their classes, children and youth learn about their Unitarian Universalist (UU) roots and study world religions. They explore their values as well as what it means to be a community. We have a strong desire for our children to develop a social conscience and to take action to influence change, thus we provide them with opportunities to work to support various social-service projects. In our Learning Community we don’t neglect fun. We want our children and youth to think this church as a safe and happy place to be, a place where they feel supported by adults and find friendships with other kids. We want to develop a sustaining community for them.

Visitors and Registration

Visitors are welcome anytime and we understand that you might just be looking. Please stop by our Information Desk in the Buchan Center (entrance on SW 12th between Salmon and Main) to fill out a Visitor Card. Once you have visited three (3) times you will asked to officially register. As a new family, there is no financial obligation. Once you have attended for a year, you’ll be asked to pledge to the church to support the entire organization, not just the Learning Community.


Behavior Expectations

Positive behavior, interaction and participation are the basic principles of a healthy and safe learning environment. Negative behaviors detract from the calm learning setting we strive to create in the Learning Community. Negative behaviors include disruptive activities, refusing to positively participate in activities, disrespect of others in word and deed and rough housing. Be sure to talk with your children beforehand about what you and we expect.

The specifics: No violence in word or deed. No “put downs”, only “pull ups”. No weapons, real or imaginary. No horse play or rough housing. No exclusive behavior (you can’t play with us).

Our Classes Are Cell Phone Free: The Learning Community at First Unitarian Church is a relational experience. Therefore, the use of cell phones, IPods, mp3 players, video games, and other electronic devices are not permitted in class. These items encourage isolation and solitary activity rather than relationship and interaction with others. Distractions (electronic or otherwise) will be collected and returned at the end of the session.

Questions? Contact Cathy Cartwright-Chow, Director of Family Ministries.