First Unitarian Church is committed to the Unitarian Universalist Association’s 6th principle goal of world community with peace, liberty and justice for all.  We embrace our global faith and the many members who were born outside the United States, have worked or have lived globally, or who travel and serve abroad as part of their faith journey.  Many of us UUs find comfort, company and support working to promote international justice.  Not only does this work deepen our connection to others here at First Unitarian Church Portland, it connects in advocacy and service to congregations and people worldwide.  Each year brings new issues and new opportunities, in coordination with larger UUA initiatives and in collaboration with local and national partners, we gather for all church conversations, attend dedicated services, support advocacy campaigns, donate to disaster relief and occasionally travel together on shared journeys of faith and service.

Here is how to get involved.

Explore the links at left to learn more about Africa Connections, the Peace Action Group and its sub-initiatives, the UU-UN Organization, and UUs for Justice in the Middle East.

Visit the tables we host during Coffee Hour, most groups are there most weeks and all groups are there monthly.  The tables are staffed by friendly faces interested in meeting you, answering questions and talking about our work.

Look for events in the all-church website calendar, e-newsletter and Sunday service program and just attend!  Please introduce yourself so we can get acquainted.

Or feel free to email any of us to begin with conversation.

In Faith,

Tess Beistel Peace Action Group (EMAIL

Curtis Bell Unitarian Universalists for Justice in the Middle East (EMAIL

Ann Pickar Africa Connections (EMAIL