First Unitarian Church of Portland has been a voice for liberal religion in our community for over 130 years. Our core beliefs about spiritual growth and acting for social justice are reflected in many ways, including our sermons, music and religious education classes. The Social Justice Council, however, is specifically charged with leading the social justice efforts of the congregation. This council is comprised of the leaders of each social justice group (listed below), plus three officers and the Social Justice Minister. Collectively the aim of this governing body is to inspire, educate and mobilize people to build a more democratic, peaceful, equitable and life-sustaining world.

Social Justice Council

This council comprised of the leaders of each social justice group, plus three officers and the Social Justice Minister, is charged with overseeing and implementing the social justice mission of First Unitarian Portland. The Executive Team is: Sandra Hart, Rev. Katherine Jesch, and Jim Morris.

This Month’s Plate Offering

ACLU Foundation of Oregon

This month we share our plate with the ACLU Foundation of Oregon. This foundation advances civil liberties and civil rights through litigation, research, and education. The ACLU’s role is to be a principled visionary – not just to respond to crisis but also to create openings for change, to imagine and build a future that … Continued