As a faith community we strive to provide caring and support for those experiencing difficult times in their lives.

Our called ministers and intern ministers are available for pastoral support to members in need. The ministers often work in partnership with the lay ministers to offer care. In addition, ministers are available to officiate at rites of passage including memorial services and weddings. To contact a minister, call the church office at 503-228-6389 or send a message to the church office. You can also send parish concerns and prayer requests.

In addition to our called ministers we have a team a lay ministers who offer support through difficult times. Lay Ministers are church members who offer one-to-one caring and support to fellow church members in times of need, including: spiritual crisis; major life changes, such as the loss of a loved one, loss of employment, divorce or retirement; isolation because of age, mobility problems, or for other reasons; health problems, illness or hospitalization; other personal life changes.

Lay Ministry Program


The Lay Ministry Program is not intended to replace the role of our church ministers or professional counselors. Its intention is to support the pastoral work of the ministerial staff, to be with members during times of need, and to help build a stronger church community.

What are the helping and supporting activities of the Lay Ministers?
Lay Ministers are available to talk by phone or to meet with church members in their homes or in the hospital if so desired. Lay Ministers may offer support to church members in any of the following ways, depending on the wishes of the member:

  • being present with the member
  • offering an opportunity for talk
  • offering empathy and emotional support
  • offering prayer (silent and spoken)
  • offering referral to other sources of help

The Lay Ministers are volunteers.

They are trained lay persons, committed to understanding, spiritual awareness, compassion, open-mindedness and integrity. Interactions with a Lay Minister are confidential.

How do church members in need arrange for help?

Members may call the church office at 503-228-6389 or send a message to the church office.
Generally, church members may expect a telephone call from a Lay Minister within 24 hours.

How might I become a Lay Minister?

A new group of lay ministers is chosen and trained every few years. Applicants are chosen by a selection committee. If you are interested in serving as a lay minister, contact the church office.