Welcome to our January new members. L-to-R: Jess Noel Parker, Amanda Luell, Madeleine J. Brooks, Laura Mosier, Pascale Linder-Mosier, Hanna Linder, and Carolyn Buhl.

Becoming a Member

A Membership Enrollment ceremony is held the First Sunday of Every Month in the Channing Room at 10:30 a.m., between services, (or at 11:15 a.m. during summer months). During the brief and informal ceremony, you will have an opportunity to sign the Membership Record Book and meet others who are also becoming members.

If you are ready to become a member, please read and print a Membership Enrollment Kit (or pick up a copy at the Newcomer Table in Fuller Hall on Sunday, or from one of the literature display racks around the church campus), and complete the three enrollment forms (pages 5, 6 and 7) at home and bring them to the Membership Enrollment Ceremony.

There are two requirements in our bylaws for joining the church: signing the Membership Record Book and making an annual financial pledge.

Members are asked to “Pledge Generously Within Their Means”
What does that statement mean? As a member of First Unitarian Church, you are asked to look within your heart and determine for yourself the financial commitment that calls you to generosity. In making this decision, we invite you to reflect upon the church’s role in your life, the church’s needs, and your own financial situation. It’s up to you to determine a pledge amount that is generous for you to make. This amount will be different for everyone, as we are all at different points on the financial spectrum. But the encouragement to give generously applies equally to everyone.

Please bring your three completed forms with you. We look forward to welcoming you as a member!

Are you thinking about becoming a Member of our church, but not sure what that means, or how to go about it?

Our Membership Program is designed to assist newcomers (as well as long-term congregants) in deepening their connection to the church through membership. Start by thinking of membership as an ongoing journey to deeper community and deeper faith, rather than as a specific date or event. Think of it as a journey along a path….

If you are new, we encourage you to worship with us a few times, and to explore various church activities, classes and events that appeal to you. Check out the Making Connections Guide – that is a good place to begin. Also, check out our Adult Programs web page to find out about the newest classes and retreats. Take some time to get to know us better!

To help you learn a bit more about our community of faith, to meet one of our ministers, and to have your questions addressed, we hope you’ll attend our informative, and informal Path to Engagement Class:

This informal class, led by one of our ministers, is offered frequently and includes a tour of our campus. If you’re new to our faith, this is a good place to begin your journey. If you are a long-time Unitarian Universalist, this is a chance to get to know more about this particular congregation, its history and what it means to be a member. This is a chance to meet other newcomers and learn more about the spirituality and commitment of our community. Be sure to bring your questions! Pre-register at the Newcomer Table during Sunday Social Hour in Fuller Hall, or just show up. The Membership Committee invites you to attend one of the following classes:

Thursday, November 16 at 7PM in Room B-101

Questions about membership? Please contact Rev. Tom Disrud.