September Moderator’s Letter

Greetings Fellow Congregants, I was energized by Homecoming Sunday.  Sunday services were followed by an Answering the Call to Love rally on SW Market Street, just outside our main sanctuary doors.  It was uplifting to participate in the family friendly rally.  How wonderful to have our children start their social justice work at an early … Continued

Beautiful Monuments

History, so the saying goes, is written by the victors. People of color in this country know that the North won the Civil War on the battlefield, but we also know that white nationalism won the peace. From the failure to distribute land to the formerly enslaved people as promised (“40 acres and a mule”), … Continued

Seeking Member/Investors for First Unitarian Church Solar Project

  Solar Panel Application Deadline is July 16 Sunday, July 16, is the deadline for church members to submit an application to become an investor in our solar panel project. The church has signed a contract with Elemental Energy to install solar panels on the roofs of the Buchan and Eliot classroom buildings and Community … Continued

June Update from the Board of Trustees

Moderator Randy Russell is on vacation but the Board nonetheless wanted to provide this update on important activities from the last month.  First Unitarian ended its traditional “high season” of two-service Sundays and full educational activities for children and youth on June 11 with Community Sunday and the lovely flower communion.  We hope all involved … Continued

Annual Vote Results 2017

The Annual Vote of First Unitarian took place on May 21, 2017. Here are the results of the 2017 annual election: Board Candidates: Comnes                                                          437 Harper   … Continued

2017 Annual Church Survey–Let Your Voice Be Heard!

The 2017  Annual Congregant Survey, sponsored by your Board of Trustees is now open until June 11, 2017.  Your input will be valuable as the church addresses the compelling opportunities and challenges before us in the upcoming year: Mission – Our Policy Based form of governance uses elements describing our mission to evaluate how well the church … Continued

Annual Election

Have you completed and returned your ballot yet? One of your rights and responsibilities as a voting member is to decide issues of significance to the church. To encourage the greatest possible participation in this annual election, the Board of Trustees has again authorized a vote-by-mail process. Voting members should have by now received a … Continued

Quarterly Congregant Budget Meeting

  All members and friends are invited to attend our regular quarterly congregant budget meeting this Sunday, May 14, at 10:30 a.m. in the Channing Room (A101).  The Finance Committee will report on the church’s nine-month financial results and the proposed fiscal 2018 budget.  

Director of Music DeReau Farrar Offers Testimony

First U’s new Music Director DeReau Farrar offered a testimony during a recent Sunday service.  Many were moved by his message and asked if the video could be made available through our website. The answer is yes! Click above to view this testimony.