Congregation News

Pacific Northwest District Chalice Lighters

Chalice Lighters Since its inception in 1990, UUs have provided over $800,000 through the Chalice Lighters program to help our congregations grow! This is pay-it-forward generosity, at its best. This Is Our Fall 2017 Call: Fund Growth Technology Initiative Grants Please help your fellow congregations communicate more effectively, inclusively, and vibrantly! Previous calls devoted to … Continued

The Quilting Continues…

The Quilts of Love group of First Unitarians now in its sixth year creating quilts and donating them to Portland Homeless Family Solutions (PHFS). In response to a request for blankets for the shelter, similar to one in last week’s church bulletin, the group was started by a group of women who liked to sew and quilt. … Continued

November Moderator’s Letter

Greetings Fellow Congregants, The energy in the Church this fall has been wonderful.  And we have some great news.  As I write this, we are near 90% of our Annual Fund Drive (AFD) goal.  We are far ahead of where we were last year at this time.  The less good news is that we need … Continued

October Moderator’s Letter

Greetings Fellow Congregants, The theme for our Annual Fund Drive (AFD) is  I can, We must!  Short and direct, for sure.  Let’s consider the elements of our AFD theme in reverse order: We must:  Reverend Bill Sinkford did not mince words in his AFD letter mailed to all of you or in his sermon last … Continued

Input on Police Chief Search

Portland is currently searching nationwide for a new chief of police. Please come sign the church’s letter to Mayor Wheeler outlining what we see as vital competencies and capabilities for any candidate, especially with regard to addressing racial inequity in hiring and crime prevention policies. The letter will be available for any and all of … Continued

Important Announcement!

Greetings Fellow Congregants, I write to share some news about the troubles at the Unitarian Universalist Association and how our congregation has been asked to help. As you may have heard, our UUA president, Peter Morales, has resigned in the midst of a controversy over hiring practices at the UUA. This has left the organization … Continued

Financial Update for Members and Friends

In early February, we announced the results of this year’s Fund Drive. We continue to receive a few pledges through June, and pledge increases are always welcome; but it is clear that our pledge income will be 10% short of our goal. That amounts to approximately $150,000. The basic financial health of First Unitarian is … Continued