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How’s the Water?

Rev. Sinkford’s Blog … David Foster Wallace began a commencement address at Kenyon College several years ago with this story: “There are these two young fish swimming along, and they happen to meet an older fish swimming the other way, who nods at them and says, ‘Morning, boys, how’s the water?’ The two young fish … Continued

Guest Blogger – Rev. Tom Disrud

The mission of First Unitarian Church calls us to promote “lifelong spiritual growth.” That happens in a lot of ways in what we do, I hope. But one way in particular is through the Wellspring program, which we’ve been offering for about five years. Wellspring comes out of the Unitarian Universalist congregation in Rochester, NY, … Continued

Guest Blogger, Rev. Thomas Disrud

I expect most of you have heard the news that Rev. Bill Sinkford has answered the call to be the interim president of the Unitarian Universalist Association from now until the end of June. A new president will be elected when the General Assembly meets then. In the meantime Bill, along with two co presidents, … Continued

Last Week Was a Tough Week

  Rev. Sinkford’s blog … As some of you know, last Thursday UUA President, Peter Morales resigned amid controversy surrounding staff hiring and racial diversity. His decision followed reaction to a recent hire in which a white male minister was chosen over a Latina. It was the fifth white male minister to be hired to … Continued

The Problem With Resurrection

Our spiritual theme for April is “Resurrection.” This comes as little surprise to most of us. We will celebrate the Easter holiday in just weeks. If the long established pattern holds, attendance on Easter Sunday will be larger than any other Sunday morning during the year. I think it may be simply habit or the … Continued

Answered Prayers

  “Wow.” “Expansive.” “Heart Opening.” “Holy.” These are a few of the words that were used to describe the process of holding each other in prayer that we began during last week’s service. I want to thank all of you who took the time to write and describe your experience of requesting a prayer and … Continued

DeReau Farrar Named Music Director

Dear Friends, Our more than year-long search process for a permanent Director of Music has been completed. The Advisory Search Committee has done an outstanding job of gathering feedback about each of the three final candidates from all of the choirs, as well as from other music staff, program staff and congregants. They conducted interviews, … Continued

The Great Mosque of Cordoba

  Visiting southern Spain was a dream of mine for many years. I was drawn to the history of peaceful, or at least non-lethal, co-existence of Muslims, Jews and Christians in the 700 years before 1492. There is real controversy today about how that period should be viewed. It most certainly did not represent an … Continued

Devotion and the Self

“Devotion” is our spiritual theme for March, and there are few words as challenging for religious liberals. Our view of truth is contingent, our understanding of justice is always evolving, and even our theology is a work in process. Devotion seems to call for complete commitment. We reserve the right to change and grow. We … Continued

Congregational Life Intiative

Rev. Bill Sinkford is away at a gathering of the Senior Ministers of large UU congregations this week and he invited me to write about what we are calling the Congregational Life Initiative. –Tom Disrud, Associate Minister Do you remember when you first came to First Unitarian? Was it easy getting connected? Was it a … Continued