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February: Miriam Grace Selby

Collage is the art of surprise. Surprise occurs by free associating unusual shapes, colors, designs and materials to produce something unexpected and hopefully joyous.
My subject matter is nature or abstract art, using organic and geometric shapes. I frequently use bits of nature in my … read more.

Dec. / Jan.: Mila Raphael

Oregon artist, Mila Raphael, has been recognized for her colorful watercolor paintings throughout the Pacific Northwest.  Her subject- matter is often inspired by the people she meets while traveling.  A recent series featured “Las Mujeres de Oaxaca” (‘The Women of Oaxaca’), a study that captured … read more.

November: Congregant Show

Every other year we invite members of our congregation to show one piece of their artwork in an unjuried show. A wide range of styles and surprising content emerges to reflect the diversity of our fellowship.

October: Art on Broadway

We are an art gallery specializing in original fine art by award-winning local artists. The gallery is under the direction of acting partners Bert Cohen and Donna Sanson. In addition to the directors, the gallery represents eighteen artists who work in a wide range of … read more.

September: Phyllis Meyer

Phyllis Meyer is an award winning, full time artist known for her singular and personal style. She is a shape painter and enjoys exploring new techniques, media and subjects. Working in acrylic, watercolor and mixed aqueous media she paints abstractions often which include birds. Design … read more.

July/August: Art Wall Committee

Our summer show features the work of seven of the Art Wall Committee members: Connie Cleaton’s mixed media collages, Julie Forbes’s assemblages, Mary Holderness’s water media paintings, Ann Olson’s paper mosaics, Leslie Pohl-Kosbau’s monoprints and etchings, Ruthann Shetler’s water media paintings, and Brent Schauer’s photographs.

June: Pattie Palmer-Baker

Pattie Palmer-Baker has created a style of art which combines her poetry in calligraphic form with collages of paste paper. Although her calligraphic style is based on the 8th century Carolingian alphabet and her paste paper process is adapted from a 17th century decorated paper … read more.

May: Tupper Malone

A third generation Oregonian, I am always drawn to the nature in our state and have depicted animals and flowers from the outset.  Having the inspiration of my surroundings has always been an important facet of my work.  Initially, I received a degree in sculpture … read more.

April: Jeff Leake

 A California bay area native Jeff Leake holds a BFA from the San Francisco Art Institute and an MFA from UC Davis. Based in the rich history of painting, literature, and natural science, Leake sifts through this various source material finding stories through the process … read more.

March: Hos Semerjian

Being raised in rural Oregon to the noble drudgery of farming one must find useful creative outlets. Having minimal entertainment, such as no television or internet, the mind becomes forced to look at the world around you as more than appears. Favorite pastimes included: Looking … read more.