First Unitarian Five Year Goals

At the Board meeting on May 6, the Board adopted five year goals for the church.
From 2016-2021, First Unitarian Church of Portland will:

• Focus on collaborative governance, revising policies for clarity and brevity and creating linkages between the Congregation, the Board, and the Executive Team.
• Increase church funding through enhanced giving, including goal to reduce or retire the Buchan Building mortgage.
• Make a cultural transition from program-focused church to mission-driven church, with priority to building beloved community between generations.
• Develop a long-term plan for development and sustainability of church campus given changing dynamics of West End and downtown Portland.


Board Goals for 2015-16

In order to make policy-based governance more accessible, the Board will continue working on a document describing and delineating norms, roles, and processes.
The Policy Evaluation Committee and the Board will perform a comprehensive review of policies and by-laws, and make recommendations for policy revision.
The Finance Committee and Board will present a meaningful budget, which allows congregants to understand the programmatic results of their giving and cultivate a culture of deeper generosity.
The Board will use the vision statement to develop five year goals.
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