Board of Trustees



The current Board was constituted at the Board’s June 1, 2017 meeting and reflects the results of the Church’s May 2017 Annual Vote.

Board Members–Officers

Randy Russell, Moderator; 2nd term (2020)

Kathy Ludlow, 1st Vice Moderator; 2nd term (2020)

Laura Milne, 2nd  Vice Moderator; 2nd term (2018) (Board

Leila Wrathall; Treasurer, 1st term (2019)

Theo Harper, Secretary, elected to fill an unexpired term (2018)

Board Members–Non-Officers

Alan Comnes; 1st term  (2020)

Cindy Cumfer; appointed by the Board on June 1, 2017 to fill an unexpired term; this board position will be up for election in 2018 for the final year of term (2019)

Ameena Amdahl-Mason; 2nd term (2018)

Andy Parker; 2nd term (2020)

Maryann Roulier; 2nd term (2018)

Matt Swafford; 1st term (2019)

Evie Zaic; 2nd term (2019)

(Terms are for 3 years, and run from June 1 through May 31 each year; year in parentheses above is the year in which the board position term ends)

Executive Team (“ET”, ex officio Board members)

Rev. Bill Sinkford, Senior Minister

Rev. Tom Disrud, Associate Minister

Kathryn Estey, Church Administrator


Nominating Committee

nominating comm



Sally Shorr
Mark Woodlief
Steve Nelson
Jean Omelchuk
John Bishop
Pat Malone
Jan Holibaugh
Kathy Couch
Linda Fitzgerald