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Last Week Was a Tough Week


Rev. Sinkford’s blog …

As some of you know, last Thursday UUA President, Peter Morales resigned amid controversy surrounding staff hiring and racial diversity. His decision followed reaction to a recent hire in which a white male minister was chosen over a Latina. It was the … read more.

Earth Day is April 22

Yes, climate change IS real, and these books help us understand that reality better.  These books (and others) are available in our bookstore.

Climate Change: What Everyone Needs to Know by Joseph Romm

“An up-to-date, comprehensive examination of the science behind climate change, what these environmental issues mean … read more.

The Refugee Crisis from a Child’s Perspective

As adults, we struggle to grasp the magnitude, depth and complexities of the refugee crisis.  Our children are not immune from the realities of this humanitarian crisis.  There are some great books available in our bookstore to help them comprehend and relate to this issue:

The Journey … read more.