Monthly Archives: July 2016

Moderator’s Message

During April and May, the Board undertook a review of the Church’s operation and administration. A review every three years using the perspective of outside experts or consultants is called for by the Board’s Governing Policies. This year, in collaboration with the Executive Team, the Board hired Rev. David Keyes to address organizational development with … Continued

Ballot Results for Church Year 2016-17

Total ballots received for the Board, Nominating Committee, Budget and Foundation Stewards: 448 Board of Trustees Candidates: Alan Comnes 432 Matt Swafford 434 John Thompson 428 Leila Wrathall 429 Evie Zaic 433 Nominating Committee Candidates: Linda Craig 432 Linda Hunter 438 Bethany Small 432 Operating Fund Budget Yes: 425 No: 19 Foundation Board of Stewards: … Continued